Unbound Ohri: What We Can Learn from Deepak Ohri

Unbound Ohri What We Can Learn from Deepak Ohri - TRAVELINDEXBangkok, Thailand, June 20, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / Travel has not been easy in the last two years; many opted to stay home and wait and see what would happen. This is not the case for a visionary like Deepak Ohri, who sees a significant opportunity to do even better and more creatively in every challenge. In the last year, when travel was very restricted, he visited the United States three times, spending significant time between New York, southern California, and Miami. He decided to put his brain into new challenges in his life by introducing a new form of experiential learning to the MBA students. In one year, he was able to co-design and co-create a revolutionary course offered by the MBA program at Florida International University in Miami.

Deepak Ohri teamed with the marketing faculty from the College of Business and introduced a breakthrough concept of Luxury Incubator. This unique course was offered for the first time at the university. The Dean of the College of Business officially congratulated Deepak for pioneering such an initiative and being the first in the school’s history to offer such an experience that had a remarkable impact on the learning journey of the MBA students. The group of 18 MBA students was selected. The group traveled with Deepak Ohri and collaborating marketing faculty, from Miami to New York and Los Angeles.

The idea of the Luxury Incubator was simple, introducing students to the concept of luxury through experiential learning. MBA students were able to observe the entire process of a luxury brand creation, starting from design, walking through the legal aspect of setting up a company, visiting luxury showrooms, and learning about what it takes to end up on the magazine cover. The trip’s culmination was a visit to the most iconic hotels in Laguna Beach and Beverly Hills and a coffee in a small café next to the Pacific Ocean.

In luxury what matters is the experience, this was a clear message to the students. Deepak Ohri also introduced MBA students to the concept of the Ohri Luxury Index, something he has been working on for some time. He wanted the students to learn how to assess a luxury brand and its strategy. His main goal was to show students how to understand the principles and practices that contribute to the global success of luxury brands by understanding the value of finding exclusivity and distinguishing the brand’s quality and creativity.

The Luxury Incubator provided the MBA students a comprehensive approach to understanding what it takes to run a successful luxury brand that shapes the industry trends. Deepak Ohri is ready to travel again. This time he will be presenting in Miami at the most prestigious academic conference: AIB – Academy of International Business, a concept of experiential learning. His audience is not a group of MBA students but around 600 management professors from all over the world.

What is next for Deepak Ohri besides his CEO position and overseeing day-to-day operation of securing lebua as a top international brand? The next step for Deepak Ohri is his growing passion for teaching entrepreneurship; he is an Executive in Residence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Chairman of the Executive Board for The Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center.

His book, “A Bridge Not Too Far, Where Creativity Meets Innovation” serves as a base for the executive courses the center will offer. His executive master classes are based on entrepreneurial management, marketing, and leadership principles. Soon, Deepak Ohri will bring even more breakthrough concepts to business education.

Deepak Ohri focuses his success on creating a lasting impact. He was the first to introduce a rooftop dining experience concept that became a worldwide sensation. He is the first to create a Luxury Incubator MBA course that combines industry, academic, and study field practice creating a brand-new concept of experiential learning. The Ohri Luxury Index is the first to comprehensively analyze how luxury brands can implement the emotional experience to elevate their value. Deepak Ohri never looks back; he is an unconventional and unstoppable visionary who shapes the future.

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