Ballooning over Sri Lanka

Hot Air Ballooning is a relatively new activity to the splendid island of Sri Lanka, an exciting ways of seeing the dramatically varied terrain, historical sights, undisturbed wildlife of the country, a gratifying experience that will never to forgotten.

Floating above 500 to 2000 feet, seemingly effortlessly above the earth and sailing smoothly with the wind provides surreal and tranquil sensations. A great get away for the bustle of earth below.

The cultural triangle is the main balloon centre and the majority of the flights take-off from near Kandalama Hotel outside Dambulla. The other centre is on the outskirts of Uda Walawe, which allows guests to take a different form of elephant safari. With no two flight paths the same, it is absolutely a unique journey.

All balloons are manufactured in the UK, balloon pilots are also trained by instructors licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of the country. There is also an experienced ground crew that follows the balloon by 4×4’s and in constant communication with the balloon pilot throughout the flight to ensure that everything runs smoothly so travelers can just enjoy the serene beauty of viewing the diverse landscape of Sri Lanka from several feet up.

Hot Air Ballooning is dependant on weather conditions – the best period for flying is October to April when the winds are light and the sky at its bluest. A typical flight would start at dawn and last for approximately an hour depending on the prevailing winds. A champagne breakfast is being served after the retrieval. The highlight of the trip for passengers will be the balloon skirts over the world famous rock fortress of Sigiriya.

The balloon supports a maximum of 16 travellers. A hot air balloon ride is an ultimate romantic date which provides intimacy required for honeymooners or an exaltation mood for the entire family. Hot air balloon trip is such an ultimate way of spending one’s holiday on Sri Lanka.

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